Wood Deck, Walkway and Detached Garage

Beauty in Wood Craftsmanship

Outdoor living at it finest, with an addition to boot. Client requested an awning to the exterior home, a detached garage, and a walkway that worked with the natural flow of water of the grade of the land. A small bridge, exhibiting exquisite beauty and amazing functionality at the same time.

Wood Deck, Remodel Exterior Porch, New Detached Garage

The detail of the latticed wood provides beauty as well as function. Providing additional shade for the afternoon sun, the new awning on the home creates a new outdoor living space that can be used even during the hottest summer month. The wooden walkway and pergola work with the natural grade, allowing water to flow between the existing home and the new detached garage, but allowing the residents to stay dry during rains.

  • Awning
  • Detached Garage
  • New Driveway
  • Extensive deck work
  • Wood designed walkway, bridge and pergola